Landing Page Video Audit

Fix your landing page and improve your lead generation in 15 minutes

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What Is It?

A video audit of your landing page in 15 minutes or less.

Who Needs This?

Any business that is suffering from poor performing paid advertising and wants a second pair of eyes on their landing page. (Hint: If your landing page is the homepage, contact page, or about us page, then you definitely need this)

Borrow from 10+ years of digital marketing experience

What Industries Can I Help?

With 6 years paid advertising experience, I've managed ad campaigns and designed landing pages for these industries:

  • Healthcare and medical practices
  • Legal
  • Home services and contracting
  • Technology 
  • Local service businesses
  • B2B & B2C Lead generation

How It Works

Submit your business details along with payment

Expect a follow up email with extra questions. A brief call may be setup for certain situations.

Receive actionable feedback through an over-the-shoulder video review. You'll be able to use the advice to help improve your lander which ultimately improves ad campaign performance



  • Video analysis of your landing page
  • Done within 2-4 days
  • Includes written analysis to compliment the video
  • A list of things you can A/B test on to help improve performance
  • Includes a 20 minute follow-up zoom call if you so desire overviewing my recommendations


If you hire me to run your paid advertising within 30 days of the initial consult, the initial cost of the video audit will be credited back to you

Price: $175.00

I stand by my video audits. If you're not satisfied, I will refund you the money. Must request refund within 7 days of receiving the audit.

Contact me if you have questions before getting started; dean [at]

About Your Auditor

Dean Hua

Here's what you're getting from me:

  • 10+ years in digital marketing
  • 6+ years in paid media advertising
  • Former Search Marketing Manager for Capterra- the largest SaaS marketing company in the US.
  • More than 7 figures in total career ad spend

On a personal note, I'm a longtime Washingtonian. This means I'm stuck in traffic for 2 hours a day and am a jaded DC sports fan who loathes Dan Snyder.

I love the great outdoors, dogs and am a casual PC gamer. Cooking a Porterhouse steak and drinking lots of Perrier Sparkling Water is my jam.

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