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Google Analytics Reporting

Gain insights on your marketing and website traffic so you can scale your business

Doing your own marketing but hate dealing with analytics? Hired an agency, but unsure if they're doing the job as promised? Just need no-hassle reporting so you can track and measure your marketing?

We will create and install 3 dashboards within your Google Analytics account to help you understand and measure marketing performance

We'll install these 3 dashboards


  • Top keywords
  • Top viewed pages
  • Top search engines used
  • Top referring channels

General Dashboard

  • Which social networks sends the most traffic
  • Which marketing channel are people using to find your site
  • Top referring websites

Geography Dashboard

See which cities and states are sending the most traffic to you. Broken down visually by a map or just a table chart

All reports can be configured to send you a weekly or monthly report in pdf format. You also get a quick video on how to access the reports on your own and bookmark for future reference. 

who is this for?

  • Any business or marketer that doesn't have the time to learn Google Analytics
  • You hired a marketing agency for services rendered and you want your own consistent reporting to see if they are doing the work they promised to do. Applicable to SEO, Paid ads, content marketing, and more.
  • Ideal for any business engaged in their own marketing and need consistent reporting

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Once payment is complete, we will email you asking you to grant us access to your Google Analytics so that we can setup the dashboard. 

About uS

DEAN HUA - Digital Strategist

  • 11 years in digital marketing
  • 7 years in paid ads
  • 7 figures in career managed ad spend

I've been in digital marketing when Myspace was still a thing and we were downloading illegal music off of Napster. I've cut my teeth in paid search working for Capterra - the largest SaaS marketing company in the US.  Between working with them and in a small business environment, I eventually launched my own boutique agency


  • NBA fan
  • Sci-fi lover
  • Enjoy cooking
  • Outdoorsman and love to ski

ALEX LEE - Media Buyer

  • 6 years in digital marketing
  • 3 years in paid ads
  • 7 figures in career managed adspend

Grew up on Youtube videos so I'm fairly savvy on digital content. I got my start in digital marketing working at an agency doing omni-channel marketing. I eventually transitioned into an in-house role for a B2B company where I learned the ins and outs of paid search.


  • Mama to a Corgi
  • Foodie and world traveler
  • Minimalist

From our Clients


" Dean was very easy to work with, very professional and very knowledgeable. The quality of Dean's work is a recommendation in itself."


"Dean helped build our PPC campaign from the ground up. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dean for consulting or management for any paid ad campaign"