How To Grow Your Dental Practice With Google Advertising

I analyzed the Google Ad campaigns of 400 dental practices. Here is what they did wrong and what you can do right

I stumbled upon the writing of this book by accident.

Not long ago, I had been approached by a dentist asking me to promote his practice by way of Google Adwords.

Like any other client that I’ve worked with, I would research the online landscape to see what the competitors were doing. You know, figure out what they were doing correctly and incorrectly. Duplicate the good stuff, avoid the bad stuff, and inject my own tactics for better stuff.

It turns out that there was alot of poor marketing tactics that dental offices were using. It’s nothing that I hadn't seen before having done paid ads in other industries such as legal, real estate and software. Every industry has their fair share of laughable tactics. But it seemed more prevalent than usual within the dental industry. I didn’t understand why.

On a hunch, I and a small team launched a research project that would analyze the Google Ad campaigns of 400 dental practices. We audited multiple niches such as orthodontics, general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and oral surgeons. I wanted to know how many of these campaigns were executing on the proper fundamentals of Google Advertising.

Many of these ad campaigns are being managed by marketing agencies who are supposed to know what they are doing. So I was even more interested because I wanted to see how well the digital marketing industry was serving this niche.

Based on the data we collected, I came to the following conclusion:

Most dental practices aren’t making alot of money from Google Ads.

Based on the collected data and my own 10 years of experience in digital marketing, I came to publish this 40-page book.

This book is significantly different from anything you’ve read before. This is not a book that goes into excruciating details on all the data and stats I compiled. You don’t care for that boring stuff. Though, the data is attached at the end of the book as an addendum. It’s there just so that the hard core data nerds can look at some of the stats.

Instead, I immediately get down to the exact elements that cause most dental ads to fail and show why most practices cannot generate sufficient leads to be profitable. I attach an obscene number of screenshots to present as visual aids. We include screenshots of ads that are failing as well as those that are succeeding. I teach how you can duplicate the successful ones while avoiding the failed ones.

This is an easy to read book

It’s something you can digest within an afternoon.

My audience is too busy improving oral healthcare rather than understanding a technical subject like Google Advertising. As such, I speak in simple layman terms within this book.

Here are some of the concepts and elements I discuss:

  • Why 63% (253 out of 400) of the analyzed campaigns aren’t implementing the most basic marketing tactic taught to us professionals. And this really hurts your lead generation campaign
  • The 15 elements you need on your landing page to acquire more patients
  • The 3 elements your Google ad copy should have but only 43% of the analyzed ads have

I discuss breakthrough tactics to develop trust with your prospects:

  • The 3 different ways to communicate credibility on your landing page
  • How to convey authenticity through the landing page
  • Why relying on stock images can hurt your conversion rates

Apply this tactic if you want to attract more high value treatments such as dental implants, veneers, or Invisalign:

  • How to make expensive treatments seem cheaper and increase bookings without actually lowering your price.

Hold your marketing agency accountable:

  • The one piece of software you need to use in order to know if you’re paid advertising is working. Use the software to ensure your marketing agency is doing what they promised you


  • I take the landing page of a random Miami orthodontist and completely revamp it to show how a real lead generation strategy is implemented using all of the tactics I’ve learned in my 10 years of digital marketing

Why Should You Get This Book?

  • You’re the owner or office manager of a dental practice and you want to see it succeed
  • You don’t want to wait 6-12 months for SEO to produce results. If you want immediate results, then a paid advertising program is the best place the start
  • You want to educate yourself and avoid falling prey to the shallow empty promises of digital marketing and SEO agencies
  • It’s an easy 40 page read that can be done in an afternoon. Half of the book is filled with screenshots so fewer words for you to digest!

But most importantly…

You don’t want to make the same mistakes your colleagues are making by wasting precious advertising dollars.

Most dental practices aren’t generating enough sales from their Google Ads campaign. You’re not maximizing all that Google advertising can offer. So you try it for 2-3 months. Nothing works. You leave and try some other form of marketing. And then a new wave of dentists comes in to replace you. And so continues the vicious cycle.

Grow your dream practice

You’ve got rent to pay. You have a team to manage and grow. You have a family to support. You got school loans that need to be paid off.

But most importantly, you want to do more good in the world by helping people with their smiles. To empower them with the confidence that comes with a beautiful smile and great oral care. I think that’s a beautiful goal.

But you can’t do that if people don’t know about you or won’t buy into what you’re selling.

This book will not only help the local community know about you but buy from you. You’ll generate more patients at a lower cost while growing your dream practice.

What’s In It For Me?

You only need to opt in with your name and email. That’s it.

This book is just the tip of the iceberg with the sort of marketing knowledge I want to share for dental practitioners like yourself.

My expertise is in paid ads. Google, Bing, and Facebook Ads are all that I do. All day. Every day. I’ve been doing it for more than 5 years and have managed more than a million dollars in career adspend to my name.

I want to demonstrate as much value as I can. I want to develop a solid business relationship with you by continuing to share more insights through my weekly emails. If you like what you read, you’ll hire me sooner or later. But if I don’t give enough value, then you should opt out. I think that’s fair.

Stop Getting Fleeced

Alot dentists are being fleeced by the digital marketing industry today. You are so busy focusing on growing your practice that you don’t really know if your advertising campaigns are working for you. Many marketers are taking advantage of your ignorance and lack of time.

Don’t let them.

There are alot practices growing through successful paid Google ad campaigns because they’re educated on how this form of marketing works. They’re growing their dream practice, helping thousands of patients, and supporting their family. You can do the same.

"Don't hire an Adwords agency before reading this book"

Prior to reading this guide, I didn't realize the mistakes my SEO agency was making with our Adwords campaign. I only wish I knew about this book earlier because it would've saved us alot of money. Don't hire an Adwords agency before reading this book!

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