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Results so good that even Zuckerberg is gonna call you to ask how it was done

Why Hire Me?

I'm focused on ROI and your bottom line. This isn't about getting more likes or traffic. This is about sales. Our initial conversations will focus heavily on your profit margins and business model.

I'm platform agnostic. There are lots of Facebook consultants out there. But few are certified in Adwords PPC and Google Analytics. I'm one of them. I choose the best platform for your business rather than pigeon-holing you into one platform.

I'm a full-stack digital marketing professional. This means I'm well versed in analytics, web design, and eCommerce. You'll need someone who has knowledge across multiple disciplines because Facebook is simply one digital channel in a bigger picture.

Nearly half of marketers said they haven’t been able to demonstrate the impact of social media spending on their business at all.

What's Involved?

  • Research the target audience to develop a buyer persona. 
  • Develop ad creatives, landing pages and ad copy
  • Continued split testing to improve incrementally
  • Monthly reporting of key performance indicators (KPIs)
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What My Clients Have To Say

Spoiler Alert: Only Good Things


"Dean is a top level online marketing expert who provided the fresh set of eyes I needed to revamp my campaigns. Too often we entrepreneurs can't see the forest for the trees. I've been in online marketing for several years and have yet to meet someone as thorough as Dean. I highly recommend Dean to anyone who wants better ROI!"


Dean gets the work done. He always delivers. He exemplifies high value with his expertise and well developed and thoughtful advice. Thanks, Dean, for being a true business partner..


While working on projects with Dean, it quickly became clear he was more than willing to go the extra mile even if you didn't ask him to do so. He's a good listener and takes action based on what is important. I won't hesitate to work with Dean again; highly recommended to those serious about their business growth.