Results so good that even your competition is gonna call you to ask how it was done

Zuckerberg lied

Doing Facebook ads isn’t as easy as he promised. You just don’t put up some images, write adcopy and the customers come knocking on your door.

We’ve seen enough failed campaigns to know.

Instead, successful Facebook lead generation for a local business like yours relies on an in-house advertising formula we developed.

In order to know our secret, you’ll need to sit through our 1 hour webinar and then swear on your fur baby’s life that you won’t share it with anyone.

Just kidding. Here’s how we do it:

  1. 1
    Scroll stopping creatives - We focus on ad creatives that stops people from scrolling and actually want to read your offer.
  2. 2
    Goldilocks audience targeting - Not too narrow that you can’t get any traffic, but not too broad that you attract trash leads. Instead, it's juuusst right. Welcome to the Goldilocks zone.
  3. 3
    Continued iteration - We won’t just sit back and be complacent after the initial success. We’ll continue to iterate on the campaigns because incremental improvements can lead to bigger wins.

our Facebook advertising includes:

  1. Research the target audience to develop a buyer persona
  2. Remarketing
  3. Full funnel building
  4. Ad creatives, landing pages and ad copy
  5. Continued split testing to improve incrementally


1 - Full Transparency 

Our reporting will always show what is or isn't working. We won’t hide behind false soft metrics such as “likes” or other marketing mumbo jumbo in an attempt to confuse you.

Instead, we focus on Key Performance Indicators such as cost per lead and cost per new acquisition.

2 - Consistent Communication

We don’t adhere to the “30 day agency rule”, meaning you only hear from us once every 30 days.

Expect to hear from us as little as a week after initial launch and continued follow up. Your business matters to us.