Meet The 60-day Google Ads sprint strategy that will

    1. Generate new patients
    2. Delight you with responsive communication
    3. Grow your healthcare practice

All in 60 days

Meet Your 3 pillars for success in 60 days



We don't rely on pre-existing pages such as your homepage or services page. Nor are we going to use an SEO page...those never convert anyway.

Instead, we design custom landing pages from the ground up using CRO best practices. 


Conversion Copywriting

Retread SEO copy being applied to your landing pages doesn’t work. We have the experience to prove it.

Instead, we’re big fans of Joanna Wibe's Copyhackers and Donald Miller’s Storybrand, both experts in conversion copywriting. We implement their version of conversion copywriting into all of our PPC campaigns.

This means well written pages that speak to a prospect's needs and more inbound leads.

Consistent and open communication isn't a performance-based quality. But it's still an important quality to have in any agency.


Consistent communication

Most agencies only touch base once every 2 months with a call. Expect to hear from us 3-4 times in just the first month alone, including a monthly call. You matter to us and we want to show it. 

And you can keep us to this promise. Pinky swear.

Just a smidgen of what we've done so far

69% INCREASE in new appts

Things didn't work out with the previous agency that Dr. Price hired. And now, Healthpointe Wellness is seeing more appointments than ever before.

~30 new Calls/month

MVS Doctors needed to increase inbound calls for niche pain management treatments which conservatively generated several thousand dollars per patient. Our Google Ads campaign netted about 30 calls per month

DELICIOUS Revenue Generating Ingredients

A few other things we throw into our 60-day Sprint Strategy

1) Negative Keyword Library

Irrelevant and trash search queries can account for up to 50% of your monthly ad spend.

We have negative keyword lists for most local niches. Our lists will block out local competitors and irrelevant search queries, saving you a lot of money.

2) Call Tracking

Figure out which calls are coming from which marketing channel. A godsend for any business relying on inbound phone calls for their lead gen.

3) Made in the USA

Your account is never outsourced to low level talent overseas. It's all managed by senior level experience that's homegrown here in 'Murica!

Finding a Good Agency is tough

Dr. Raj didn't have success with his last two agencies. Both delivered very little in terms of results. But he finally found success with us.

About 20% of all new inbound calls are attributed to our Google advertising tactics leading to a 3 to 4x Return on Adspend.


The feeling we want you to have knowing you just hired an agency who can deliver on performance

Even other agencies trust us

Dennis has his own marketing agency with a heavy focus on SEO and web development. 

Many agencies similar to Dennis struggle to find marketers who can excel with Google Adwords and pay per click marketing.

We've helped several of his clients and delivered high performing PPC marketing. If other agencies trust us, so can you.

Meet the Intentionally Small PPC Agency

We're not big. And that's a good thing.

Big agencies suffer from red tape and sluggish customer support. Big agencies work on large volume, thus treating you like another number. Big agencies suffer from high client churn rate (3 months on average).

We’re small by design.

You hire us if you want:

  • A small group of data-driven performance marketers that you can count on
  • Senior-level experience with insights into how lead generation really works
  • Both high tech and high touch client relationship. Wait till you see our tech stack!

About Dean Hua, Owner

In my spare time, I love the outdoors, travelling, and trying to perfect a good medium-rare steak.

Professional accomplishments

  • 10+ years in digital marketing
  • 7+ years in paid media advertising
  • Managed more than 7 figures in career adspend

Dean Hua - Principal


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