Meet The

Digital Marketing Strategist

that will generate more customers and scale your business growth with a smart paid ads strategy. All without blowing your budget.

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our 3-step Paid advertising strategy to scale your business

1 - Build Your Traffic

2 - Engage Your Traffic

3- Nurture and Convert Your Traffic

Build Your Traffic

You don't want to wait 6 months on SEO or content marketing. You want customers now and you know paid advertising is the way to go


  • Google advertising
  • Facebook advertising
  • High converting landing pages
  • Video ads


  • You're generating revenue from the get-go instead of waiting on other marketing tactics that could take half a year.
  • You've built momentum allowing you to expand and grow

engage with your traffic

Your advertising from stage 1 is leaving money on the table because some prospects are undecided. You need a more robust marketing system in place to win them over.


  • Remarketing ads
  • Integrate your high engaging social content into paid media
  • Content marketing
  • Funnel building


  • You're winning over more customers that you wouldn't have had at stage 1. 
  • You're establishing brand awareness
  • You're leading prospects through the customer journey until they are ready to buy

nurture and convert your traffic

Your front desk intake is mediocre at best. This results in lost leads. You hate hearing, "I'll think about it". You have no system in place to establish touchpoints and strengthen the relationship with prospects.


  • Automation and drip sequences
  • Silent voicemail drops
  • Text messaging (SMS)
  • Drip email sequences


  • You're winning over more customers that you wouldn't have had at stage 1 and 2.
  • Your outbound sales system is stronger
  • Your employees can focus on what they're strongest at while you have an automation system that covers your weaknesses

Who Hires Us?

Certainly not these guys.  Instead, we champion the underdogs; small businesses like yours

We work with

Small businesses that have a lead generation problem and want more customers.

You're looking to avoid huge agencies that operate slowly and have junior level account managers whose last job was in sales, not digital marketing. 

Instead, you're in search of someone like us - a small boutique with a commitment to timely communication, performance-based outcomes, and senior level experience.

our experience lies in

  • Service-based businesses (i.e., home contract, medical practices, legal)
  • Consultants and coaches
  • Local businesses (i.e., carpet cleaning, realtors, CPAs, etc.)
  • SaaS startup


I have 10 years of digital marketing experience with 6+ years in paid media advertising. I've worked as both a marketing manager in the small business environment along with being a former SEM Manager for Capterra, the largest SaaS marketing company. I have personally managed more than $1 million dollars in adspend.

I'm a graduate of the University of Maryland and a lifelong Washingtonian. That means I'm a frustrated Washington sports fan and I spend an awful amount of time on I-495.

When I'm not losing my mind on I-495, I enjoy cooking and the great outdoors in my spare time. I takes more winter vacations than summer vacations due to my passion for skiing. 

Ok. I'm convinced

From our Clients


" Dean was very easy to work with, very professional and very knowledgeable. The quality of Dean's work is a recommendation in itself."


"Dean helped build our PPC campaign from the ground up. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dean for consulting or management for any paid ad campaign"