The Art of The Lead

Lead Generation: It's Both An Art and A Science

February 26, 2007

My Conversation With The Blockbuster Video Clerk

Please bear in mind that 10 minutes before this, I had some red wine and some spicy Thai Food for dinner at a restaurant. The following […]
February 9, 2007

Marriage 2.0

When I heard of some guy trying to buy air time during the Superbowl to propose to his girlfriend, I thought two things; Damn- this guy […]
January 21, 2007

Every person has a story to tell.

Below is an email that I sent out to about 150 of my friends, business contacts, and acquaintances for the New Year. I’m posting it here […]
January 2, 2007

The Dean’s List. My ultimate New Year Resolution

I was thinking about some of the holiday well wishes that I got from various people over email recently. I had considered sending out holiday cards […]