The Art of The Lead

Lead Generation: It's Both An Art and A Science

May 21, 2009

Restaurant’s Leaving Money On The Table

I was at The Taste of Wheaton event this past Sunday. As I walked around sampling the culinary delights, I couldn’t help but put on my […]
April 26, 2009

Twitter and the Pizza Deal: Permission-based Following For Retail Stores

Like the blog post says, it’s a sign of things to come. Move over permissioned-based emails. Permission-based following has arrived. We will start to see more […]
April 23, 2009

Most Facebook Fan Pages and Groups Don’t Work. Here’s Why

They’re boring. Like they keep saying in the Web 2.0 age, “It’s all about the conversation.” Most likely, you are having a monologue instead of a […]
April 23, 2009

Emerging Trend: Creating Facebook Fan Pages Devoted to Generic Things and Concepts

One of the emerging trends in Facebook media strategies is the concept of Fan Paging things and concepts. I’m recommending this Smart Social Media Strategy to […]