The Art of The Lead

Lead Generation: It's Both An Art and A Science

April 24, 2008

Why Do Book Authors Love WordPress?

I am collecting endorsements, success stories, and words of praise as to book authors who love using WordPress. Comments and feedback is encouraged.
April 23, 2008

How Book Authors Can Use Facebook As Part of Their Social Media Strategy

This is the next in a series of guides on how book authors can achieve social media success. The first was a 5-page article on why […]
March 27, 2008

Book Authors Need WordPress As Their Web Presence

After some research and observation of where the web is going, I see a huge untapped market for book authors and the next generation of the […]
August 12, 2007

The Death of Paper…and Ultimately Your Expertise.

Paper, which makes up a book, is having a slow and painful death. Paper is no longer the “in” thing. Paper is being marginalized by the […]