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When you’re advertising on Facebook, it’s easy to rack up a bill with nothing to show for it. Before you can sell to your audience, you have to prequalify your audience.

Because let’s be honest, no one likes irrelevant advertising.

Here’s a quick tactic you can use to prequalify your audience, save on irrelevant ad clicks, and convert more traffic.

It’s called the “call-out,” and good advertising does this all the time.

Here’s how it works:

Your very first sentence in the ad copy should call out your target audience.

By doing this, you’re

  • Communicating to your target audience that your ad is for them
  • Reducing wasted link clicks from people who will not benefit from the ads. E.g.; stop people from clicking on the “see more” link like the below.

If they click on the “see more” link, this counts as a link click, and you get charged.

Here are three ways to call out your target audience with the first sentence.

1 – Speak to benefits or results

This is a sentence that will call out your audience based on specific benefits or results they want to achieve.

In this example, the Harmon Brothers are calling to people who want to improve the their video ad scripts

Here are two more ad examples:

Our patients suffering from back pain can achieve full recovery with our in-house technique.

This sentence is calling out people who want a full recovery from their chronic back pain.

Home sellers who worked with me are selling their house for 11% than what the market is demanding.

This is calling out to people who want to sell their home with an agent that can generate above average market rates.

2 – Speak to demographics or roles

This is a sentence that will address an audience based on the demographic they belong to.

In this example, the ad is reaching out to specific job titles.

A few other examples could include:

Hey Austin, Texas homeowners. Save money with our custom installed solar panels.

The initial sentence is asking for homeowners who live in Austin, Texas. And it’s combined with the second sentence, which explains the benefit of what they sell.

For parents with high school kids. Our SAT prep course will help your child get into the college of their dreams.

The first sentence is speaking out to parents of kids in high school, while the second sentence explains what they offer and the outcome.

3 – Speak To A Problem

This is a sentence that will address the problem your target audience has. Ideally, a problem that you can solve.

In this example, the problem is people who are stuck with making cold calls.

A few other examples could include:

If you’re a local business that is struggling with search rankings, our tool can help you.

This speaks to local business owners (demographic) who suffer from low search rankings (problem).

For work at home professionals who struggle with minimizing home distractions.

This is calling out professionals who can’t focus working at home.

Next steps for you

If you’re considering Facebook ads, sit down and think about your customer persona. This will include problems that they’re experiencing, demographics, and wants and needs.

Once you developed a customer persona, think about how you can call out this persona with the very first sentence in your ad copy.

Nailing the initial call-out goes a long way to running successful ads. Incidentally, this same methodology can be applied to most other platforms such as Linkedin or Youtube.

Now, if you excuse me, I need to get back to planning a road trip to New England. I’m thinking Maine and New Hampshire. Also open to specific hotspots if you have any.


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