This article will compare and contrast the difference between Google Adwords max clicks vs. max conversions smart bidding strategies and explain which is the best strategy for you.

What is a Max Clicks Bidding Strategy?

Maximize Clicks automatically bids a set amount of your daily budget for the highest number of website clicks possible. This bidding strategy may attract non-relevant or low-quality traffic and isn’t ideal for driving sales, conversions, or other key business metrics. You simply want to maximize click traffic. That’s all.

When should you use a max clicks bidding strategy?

You want to use this Google bidding strategy when you’re dealing with a new campaign and want to drive more traffic to understand the search quality of your keywords and go through discovery.

What is a Max Conversions Bidding Strategy

Maximize conversions automatically sets bids to help you get the most conversion for your campaign while spending your budget. It uses advanced machine learning and auction-time bidding to squeeze as many conversions as it can, given the allotted budget.

When should you use max conversions bidding?

Max conversion bidding is best when you need to get conversions, and you have a flexible budget. If you don’t have wiggle room with your budget, I don’t recommend using max conversions.

You should also have a healthy amount of conversions before running this bidding strategy so that Google’s machine learning can optimize properly. If you don’t have a healthy amount of conversions, this bidding strategy is doomed to fail since it’s relying on Google’s AI. With all forms of AI, you need to feed it a lot of data in order for it to optimize correctly. But because it’s not being fed a healthy amount of conversion data, it’s going to do a poor job of optimization.

So what is the main difference between max clicks vs. max conversion bidding?

The main difference is that with max clicks, Google tries to show an ad as many times as possible until the budget has been reached. In contrast, with a Max-conversions strategy, it’s willing to sacrifice click traffic in an attempt to drive more conversions.

In summary

  1. Max clicks bidding strategy is a great way to get your ad shown more, but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have the highest conversion rates
  2. With a max conversion bidding strategy, you only pay for conversions and not impressions, so this can be a good option if you want to increase your ROI
  3. The downside of max conversion bidding strategy is that it’s less likely to reach people who are just browsing or looking at other ads


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