A fan on my fanpage asked me if it was worth investing the money into developing a customized landing page for their Facebook page. Most consultants would tell you “yes” right off the bat. More business of course. Me? I said it depends. The following 3 factors are the primary determinants to helping someone reach the proper decision and answer the question that every client always ask: “Should I spend the money?”

How much traffic can you drive to your page?

A professional services firm who only brings on several new clients a month may have a hard time driving and attracting new fans on a monthly basis. However, a restaurant that serves hundreds of customers a day could potentially see the investment in a customized page. They would reap the rewards within a month.

What type of data do you wish to communicate on a landing page?

Even if you just had some pretty graphics and set this as the default tab that people would land on as opposed to your wall, you’ll still attract alot of new fans. But of course, we should go a step further. What type of information do you wish to convey when people see it? Do you wish to promote something? Do you want to embed video? Do you want to capture emails and embed a signup form? Giving thought as to what and how you wish to communicate your message will help you decide if you should invest into a customized page.

How strong is your message?

How appealing is your promotion or offer? Is it something that will get people talking? Will it prompt them to start sharing to their social network? A stronger message will increase conversion, engagement, and word of mouth. The stronger your message, the more you should consider investing into a customized page.

In this economy, you have to be mindful of where you spend your money. With everyone espousing the ideology that social media is free, this creates a mindset that one shouldn’t have to pay for any aspect of it. Most flock and most fail. Keep thinking that you can get away with doing everything at no cost and you’ll miss out on opportunities that could only come with investing the time and money into a smart social media strategy. Such as a customized Facebook page.

If you are going to invest your money into any aspect of an online marketing strategy, you have to ask yourself what the ROI is. Even if you can’t develop a hard number, the questions you ask yourself should help you arrive at an answer (or approximation) that makes you feel more confident about the direction you are trying to head into.

It’s fair to say that many prospects ask themselves if they should invest the money into this particular social media platform. And most probably can’t arrive at an answer simply because because they don’t know the questions they should ask in the decision making process.  Now you know those questions.

A good consultant knows not only to ask these questions of the prospect, but to know the answer.


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