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Weekly Facebook Marketing Recap

December 21, 2009

Continued growth in Asian countries using Facebook with Indonesia leading with a 14% gain

Facebook adds ‘become a fan’ as an upsell to existing event and polling engagement ads– Basically, users have the ability to become a fan of the associated Facebook page once they’ve interacted with the existing event or engagement ad. This allows advertisers to maximize value and increase their fanbase.

Facebook nearing 1 billion dollars in revenue. While impressive unto itself, the article explains the 3 important contributers to its growth. Not surprisingly, it’s Facebooks;

  1. Self-serve ads
  2. Emerging virtual goods store
  3. Branded ad campaign services for agencies and marketers

Facebook introduces their Preferred Developer Program. Initially, 14 companies are listed as preferred vendors that you can choose to hire should you need a custom Facebook page, Connect integration, or application development. A great lead generation possibility for those specializing in Facebook development.

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