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Articles and Resources For Marketing on Facebook

August 20, 2009

Here are some articles and resources that we’ve written on Facebook. Feel free to share and retweet if these are helpful.

1. Facebook Fan Pages for Book Authors — A 7 page eGuide on how book authors can market with Facebook pages. Though, some of the principles can apply to businesses in general.  [link]

2. Yet Another Fanpage — The 4 mistakes that most page owners make when marketing their fan page. We offer tips on how to avoid them. [article] [pdf]

3. “Future of Marketing With Facebook Pages” Whitepaper — A 14 page whitepaper that we wrote that prognosticates why Facebook pages will become a great platform for brands. We also talk about how to be more productive on Facebook and what mission critical skillsets are needed to succeed on this platform. [article]

4. Three Tips to Optimize Your Facebook Ad Campaign— [newsletter tip]

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