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socialmedialogos1Given the existing economic conditions that many businesses are facing today, I’ve been wondering how social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogging can help many businesses who are struggling. Of course, all sorts of answers popped into my head. But I wanted to hear from the businesses themselves.

So, to celebrate the redesign of the new company site and to get a conversation going with other business owners, I’m by giving away two social media packages with a contest. I have 2 types of giveaways. Here’s how it works;

Social Media Giveaway Contest #1.

In order to qualify, tell me in your own words in the comments below, how or why you think social media can save your business in these tough times. How can these marketing tools such as Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and others improve your business? No more than 2 paragraphs is necessary to explain why you think social media can help you.

There will be 1 winner for this contest. The winner will receive a free social media audit package that we typically charge $175 for. You can learn more about our audit packages in the link provided. The winner can choose from 1 of 3 Social Media Audit packages; Facebook, Twitter, or the website audit package. The SMA packages I’m giving away can really help any business with an existing social media presence improve their marketing.

In addition, you will get a free WordPress blog installation template along with 4 plugins of your choice and 2 hours of free design tweaks to the new theme we install onto your domain. The total value of this giveaway is almost $500. If you already have an existing self-hosted wordpress blog (that’s the .org version and .com version), then I’ll throw in another hour of free design/code upgrades or give you a free hour of blog consulting strategies. The design/code upgrades is limited to html/css or graphic design services only. No flash or javascripting here. Either way, you’ll be getting some great upgrades to your blog.

Social Media Giveaway Contest #2

The second contest is the giveaway of a free WordPress blog installation along with 2 themes of your choice, 4 plugins, and 2 hours of free design tweaks to your site. The total value of this package is a little over $300. Please note that your webhosting provider must meet the minimum WordPress requirements for hosting.

All you have to do to qualify is, again, tell us why social media can help save your business in the comments below and sign up to our newsletter, Smart Social Media Tip of the Week.

The most persuasive comments are those that can give a brief background on your business and how you can best implement my giveaways.

Contest ends next Friday June 24th at 9pm. Minimum of 10 comments needed for me to giveaway the packages.

So, can social media help save your business? If so, how? Let’s hear it!


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  1. I am a pastor and an author. I have been using social media consistently for the past 10 months. I find it as a huge help to connect to and enrich people who I would not normally be able to. I have recently finished a book and I am working on my second now. I have not been able to afford the costs of publishing and marketing my books. So I have created electronic versions of the book. This give-a-way will help me increase an more professional online presence. My blog still doesn’t have enough and I would like to showcase my products there. I don’t know how to go to the next level with that, so this would be a tremendous blessing!

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