twittersignLike the blog post says, it’s a sign of things to come. Move over permissioned-based emails. Permission-based following has arrived. We will start to see more retails stores use Twitter as a type of opt-in list that allows businesses to have a direct conversation with their customers while achieving other bottom-line results such as increasing sales.

Twitter is a new channel for businesses to learn to leverage. While email marketing is still a viable marketing platform for many businesses, let’s face it; there’s alot of noise in that crowd. How many of us are already subscribed to newsletters and ezines that we barely have the time to read? Twitter is still in it’s infancy and there isn’t as much noise. And on top of that, there are quite a few applications such as Tweetdeck that allows us to filter who we follow into specific categories. It’s a new channel that allows you to accomplish the same goals as other online marketing tools; staying top of mind to the customer.

This is a Smart Social Media Strategy that I recommend to many businesses.


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