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July 1, 2008

It seems like everytime that I show up at a business networking event, I am inevitably asked the question, “How does one use LinkedIn” or something to that effect.

I’ve read enough on the site as well as other social networking sites and know enough people who are the experts on it, that I wanted to create a lists of resources to help further and accelerate your networking on it.

I hope you find these resources to be helpful;

Blogs and Forums On LinkedIN

  1. Scott Allen has a blog called LinkedINtelligence. It covers all things LinkedIN. You definitely want to read the category that talks about how to use LinkedIN effectively.
  2. Vincent Wright runs a Yahoo Group that covers all things LinkedIN. He also has a Ning platform called My LinkedIN Power Forum that is a bit more interactive as well. As an aside: I knew of Vincent virtually for a few years and finally had a chance to catch up with him over phone a few months ago. He is one of the most cerebral and intelligent business people that I know. I actually knew that before talking to him because of the way he articulates himself online. I could probably talk to him and pick his brain for hours on end. I usually don’t say that of most people.
  3. LinkedIN Learning Center, which was just announced on the LinkedIn Blog, is a resource center to learn more about using every aspect of LinkedIn. I especially like how they created relevant user guides for certain types of professionals such as entrepreneurs, consultans, and VCs.

Articles On LinkedIN

  1. Anita Campbell wrote a blog entry that covers why Entrepreneurs should use both LinkedIn and Facebook. It’s a great read because there is this endless debate as to which platform is more business productive.
  2. Guy Kawasaki got a free LinkedIN Profile Makeover from the folks at LinkedIn. If you ever want to know how to increase the effectiveness of your LinkedIN profile, then this is a good visual read for you.
  3. Kawasaki also blogs about 10 ways that you can use LinkedIn.

Books On LinkedIN

  1. I’m On LinkedIn. Now What? Jason Alba writes a great book that answers the question the everyone inevitably asks themselves. It’s also available in ebook format.
  2. LinkedIn For Recruiting. If you are a recruiter then I would highly recommend this book. I’ve known the authors, Bill and Des, for awhile and both are highly competent professionals when it comes to this topic.

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  1. Hi Dean, good list of resources about LinkedIn. Thanks for being kind enough to include mine.

    I spoke at an event yesterday to a group of women business owners. The audience members gave the best endorsement I’ve ever heard for LinkedIn. It went something like this:

    Woman #1 complained about being invited to join other people’s networks on LinkedIn, not feeling comfortable with it and questioning the value.

    Woman #2 spoke up and attested to picking up high quality business from LinkedIn and urging the first woman to give it reconsideration.

    Woman #1 said that based on #2’s powerful words, she would definitely look at LinkedIn requests differently in the future.

    And the best part? Other women in the audience were taking careful notes.

    So LinkedIn definitely is worth looking at closely to see if it fits your kind of business and your goals.


  2. DeAnna and Anita- So good to hear from you both.

    I like to call this “value-added connecting.” So many times we connect with others on LinkedIn but I’m betting that many of them are connecting aimlessly. They just do it because everyone else is doing it. But deep down inside, they really don’t know how to use the platform.

    So I would simply include this link everytime I connect with someone now. Hence, added-value connecting. All good networking should be like that!

  3. Thanks so much, Dean, for shedding some light on how to use this possibly-wonderful platform that is LinkedIn. I’ve been poking around, but haven’t seemed to be able to find anyone who really could explain it. Nice to have a list of resources to check out.

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