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I am collecting endorsements, success stories, and words of praise as to book authors who love using WordPress.

Comments and feedback is encouraged.


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  1. WordPress, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. LOL

    -Ease of updating pages. Some authors have releases on a monthly basis and updating/creating pages is as easy as creating a blog post on blogger. Even more so, in my opinion.
    -Themeing/Skinning is relatively simple. There is no old blogger/new blogger headache. If a theme/template works on wordpress, it works on wordpress. Period.
    -Almost unlimited expandability with plugins. Want a forum? There’s a plugin. Want a contact form instead of throwing your email address out there? There’s a plugin. Want a spot in your sidebar to feature rotating images/links to your book pages? Yup, there’s a plugin.
    -Blogging. Not only can I have my shiny, pretty site, but I also have my blog which assists in drawing readers to my webby “home”. Why have a blog on blogspot AND have a separate website when you can have both in one space?

    For authors, this truly is the best platform available to power their website. Especially if they are code illiterate and simply want something that’s easy to update without involving their webmaster/mistress.

  2. Celia, you pegged it correctly! Let me count the ways!

    I will have to agree 100% with Celia. WordPress is the best platform available to power our website. We are new to all of this and it has been so nice to find a place that we can have it all in one spot.

    I am code illiterate and find it very easy to update my site daily. The themes are outstanding and if there is something you want…just get the plugin…that simple!

    I am an author and I love WordPress! Author or no author…that’s not the question (lol)…everyone will love WordPress!

  3. David and Celia- I appreciate the feedback. You really hit the nail on the head with the “blogging and blogspot issue”.

    Keep them coming folks….

  4. Hi Dean!

    I started my first and only blog with wordpress in Jan of this year [ 2008 ], while in the process of publishing my second book ZEN Shredding. I’m familiar with much of the website story and enjoy building/managing my own, simple website.

    Blogging was however new terrain for me! I especially choose WordPress because of the stunning visual appeal it had for me, other providers simply do not have the same feel or look to their offerings. As a first time user, the technical side of “other” providers systems seemed, well, more complicated. I actually deleted a second blog I was in the process of creating, as the wordpress process seemed to be so much more organic/simple AND as I said before, the visual options were to good to pass on: a variety of easy to use choose/use templates was like walking into a candy store.

    The other aspect I have noticed in my own process is how blogging has affected my writing. I see writing more of a venue and tool, I don’t really see myself as a “professional” writer [whatever that means ]. The process of blogging allows so much room for spontaneity, especially when you have the interaction of other readers/bloggers joining in. It is a vehicle that has transformed the way I write, pushed it to another level, so to speak…



    michael sean symonds; author ZEN Shredding; Insights, Questions and Confession of a Meditator and Novice snowboarder on the pursuit of dreams, inspiration, passion and change.


    BLOG: http:www.zenshredding.wordpress.com

    other website: http:www.divinityonline.com

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