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This is the current login message.


But this is what it should really say;

facebook cropped new

Why? Read on.

You know Facebook is getting out of hand when people do all sorts of stuff on it that they usually would not do elsewhere. Think real life.

I have a friend who recently updated her status to let me know that she is on PMS. That was a bit too much for me to know.

It’s amazing to see how some people were so hesitant to join Facebook as they were already on a bunch of other social networking spaces such as Myspace, LinkedIN, and Xanga. But when some of them join, they start to get addicted to various features.

I find this comical in one instance and yet sad in another. So I want to collect a bunch of stories from the Facebook crowd and see just how ridiculous the Facebook phenomenon has become. Please submit any signs of Facebook addiction that you have noticed via comments below.

So you know you’re hooked on Facebook when…


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  1. Okaaaaaay. I won’t do it again. LOL! This was so much easier when I only had you as a friend on Facebook. Remember those days when it was just you writing on my wall? Sigh. 🙂

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