talk to me png fileThe problem with many professional service firms’ website is that they lack an effective content development strategy. Pretty graphics to a website can’t do anything unless there is power packed content behind it.

The lack of a content development strategy results in a few negative consequences such as;

  • Customer is overwhelmed with too much information.
  • Customer doesn’t have enough information to make a decision.
  • Customer can’t connect nor relate to the business
  • Customer doesn’t trust what the business has to say.

After awhile, I just got tired of seeing one professional service provider after another skip out on the most obvious content strategies and lose money that is waiting to be taken.

To cure this disease, I just released my free website content guide, “Talk To Me-A Guide To Helping Professional Service Firms Develop Killer Conversational Content For Their Website”.

It is about developing web content that help you “talk with” your customers rather than talk at them. In doing so, your online presence will appear as more genuine, relevant, and position you as the provider of choice for your client needs. Ka-ching.

Download the 13 page guide here.

While anyone can benefit from the guide, I found the following professions and vertical markets to be most relevant to the guide’s content.

  • Lawyers and law firms,
  • Real estate professionals,
  • Business consultants,
  • Coaches,
  • Agencies,
  • Marketing professionals,
  • Virtual assistants,
  • Human resource firms,
  • Accounting and accounting firms,
  • Financial services firms,
  • Information technology,
  • Management consulting,
  • Information technology,
  • Independent professionals

I welcome feedback. This is version 1.0. In future releases, I would like to include more about how blogs and other forms of social media can add more conversational content to your online presence.

What to do with this guide?

You can print this out and read it at night before smacking yourself on the forehead wondering how much money you may have lost with your own website.

You can forward it to other friends and colleagues who run their own professional service firm and let this be a hint that they need to start having a conversation with their customers as well.

Download it, email it, or just blog about it.


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