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meetup logoOn the Meetup.com homepage, it says that there are over 3,500 meetup topics. Just in my area alone, there are more 1,546 Meetup topics within a 50 mile radius. Such topics for a group include the mainstream such as a nightlife group, womens only group, and political affiliation groups.

And then there are very eclectic and specialty groups such as The Closet Country Meetup. I joined that group and no surprise here that I’m the only minority in the group so far. That should be an interesting adventure.

Anyway. Some other groups include Lesbian Motorcycle Club of Northern Virginia and a DC Ultimate Fighting Meetup.

But what if there was a social networking meetup group for Type-A personalities? You can tailor it to, say young people in their 20s and 30s, as most of the successful meetups consist of this demographic anyway. Typical agenda consist of the regular social events such as happy hours, dinner events, and outdoor activities. But just brand and advertise it as for extroverted Type-A personalities. Introverts can still come but you want to brand it as a truly “outgoing” group.

Curious to know how that will go over. Would it attract more people because of the brand positioning? Have a room full of outgoing personalities and see if these guys and girls will truly be the life of the party. I’m interested in exploring the dynamics of this. I have lots of experience hosting and organizing events and they always have both personalities at these events. Sometimes, the Type-B are too quiet and bring down the energy. They don’t always know what to say, much less know how to make small talk. Conversely, sometimes, the type A talk too much and won’t shut up. You need a mix of both.

I may have to consider doing one event like this and see how that goes. Would the event be livelier and more fun because every one there is outgoing?

I’d do it more for curiosity sake than anything else. Call it an experiment in human behavior and social dynamics.


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