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Scoble talks about Why Facebook is the “it” social networking platform right now. I completely agree and it’s what I’ve been thinking especially when he compares it to LinkedIN. He articulates it better than I can.

He says;

To tell you the truth, the reason Facebook is the better networking tool is BECAUSE it’s personal. I don’t really care that Danny is at McCann Erickson. I would have known that anyway cause the first thing Danny tells me whenever we talk is what he’s working on. He told me the day he got accepted into Cornell, for instance. That stuff just comes up in regular conversation. But I don’t remember his wife’s name, Facebook shows that (they just got back from their honeymoon). I didn’t know his favorite drink. Mojitos. I got just the place to take him for great Mojitos when he comes out to visit. Facebook shows that. And I didn’t know anything about his social network. Facebook shows that too. Looking at the groups he’s added I can tell a lot more about him. He’s into going to free movie screenings in NYC, likes BMWs, reads the Economist, and lots more.

Solid networking is based on the relationship and the search for commonality. True connections aren’t based on some quantitative number that some platforms says. Oh great, I have access to 2 million people through my 2nd degree contacts. What does any of that matter if I can’t even get my foot in the door because I don’t know what we have in common?

Successful relationships are built on the commonalities that we share together and Facebook does that well. We can explore commonalities and build those relationships far stronger here.

I notice that Leesa is done with her book cause she updated it her in profile. Or that Ross, Andrea, and Geoff are attending some upcoming social media event in my area. I can start a dialogue with them based on that. Or that Maria is about to launch her new company that might be relevant to my business goals. Great- that’s an easy way for me to start a dialogue and develop some business synergies.

I’m not saying that LinkedIN is dead by any stretch of the imagination. I still use the platform and would recommend it to others.

But that’s the reason why I log into Facebook everyday (and apparently so does half the Facebook membership); I want to know what’s going on with my friends. I want to explore how I can keep building and sustaining those relationships.

I was reading Chris Brogan’s entry on how he uses Facebook especially at it relates to business. He says;

On the flipside, I try my hardest to find a connection between me and the person I’m trying to connect. We’ve met at a conference. We know lots of the same friends. I’ll stretch it to as far as “I’ve read your blog for years, and love your work.”

Exactly! That’s been what I’ve been doing for awhile now. I seek commonality. Once commonality is established, the possibility of a fruitful relationships emerges.  Commonality => Connection => Relationship = >Relevancy => People who are willing to help you out.

We do business with people whom we know, like, and trust.  That can’t happen unless you have the proper information on this person. Facebook allows for that.


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