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My Fave 5 Professionals: Five People Whom I’m Always Looking To Collaborate With

June 5, 2007

Managing my own design studio and online marketing consultancy, I find that there are 5 types of professionals that I am looking to collaborate with that will offer the most synergy.

First, please understand the three services that I offer to most small business and entrepreneurs as it is crucial to understanding how they can be of value to My Fave 5. I’ll list my three primary services again here;

  1. web design & content management systems (CMS)
  2. business blog design and consulting on how to use blogs as a way to help small businesses promote their business and communicate with their customers.
  3. localized search engine optimization strategies.

I’m looking for professionals who are considered “hubs” or trusted resources for their clients who happen to be entrepreneurs and small businesses. Collaborative opportunities with these professionals can produce a win/win opportunity as the hub can help meet a need that he otherwise could not otherwise offer through his services while still helping the client meet their business objectives.

In essence, I’m looking to establish vendor relationships and channel partnerships whereby we both serve the same type of clientele but achieve it through different services. Another name given to this methodology are strategic alliances.

The reason why these people would want to meet me is that I can make their life as well as the life of their clients alot easier.  As trusted professionals, they want to be the one stop source for their client’s needs. Having a service provider such as myself who is knowledgeable in the field of the web can make them look better in front of their clients while reinforcing the image as the trusted go-to professional within their field. Complete win/win.

Here are the type of professionals that I would love an introduction to. They are listed from most important to least important.

  1. Business planning consultants or business advisors. They typically work with businesses to help them develop a business plan or get started. In the beginning, the client will need someone like Sachi to help them develop an online presence for them as they start up their business. Anyone who works in an advisory role to other businesses may want to learn more of what I do.
  2. Marketing Communication and Creative Consultants. This is such a broad category but this include professionals who work in
    • branding,
    • graphic design,
    • advertising,
    • marketing consultants who provide market research and strategies,
    • public relations,
    • copywriting, and
  3. Because web design and development can be considered as part of the marketing process, there is a strong possibility that these professionals will need to collaborate with Sachi.

  4. Internet marketing professionals. This can include professionals who provide online marketing strategies such as;
    • pay per click advertising,
    • search engine optimization strategies,
    • social media marketing (think Web 2.0) or,
    • consultation on blog design or content development strategies,
    • email marketing.
  5. Alot of these professionals may not have a strong knowledge of web design and will need someone like myself to help develop the website while they work on the online marketing campaign of their client. I have a well rounded knowledge of some of these areas as it relates to web design so I can provide alot of value add that a typical web designer may not be able to.

  6. Other web designers and developers. The world of web design is so vast and every web developer has their own skillsets where there is not always direct competition to each other. There may be some possible synergies here. Perhaps there are programmers who are not very skilled in front end design (HTML, CSS, graphics) and could use me to come on board and collaborate with them.
  7. Small business and entrepreneur organizations. These are usually groups such as local area small business development center. Businesses and startups often come to them for help in their business planning needs. These local area groups pride themselves on being the go-to guys for the needs of a small business. This includes everything from workshops, marketing how-tos, business planning, and more. An introduction to the people who work at these centers and are in close collaboration with these small businesses would be fruitful because I can act as an additional resource for them and their constituents.

So now you know whom I always on the lookout for! Introductions to these types of people is always appreciated.

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  1. Dean.. when you think of these roles, can you come up with any names? I work better with these type of visuals.

    Hope I can help!

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