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Chief Web Evangelist or Chief Storyteller Evangelist?

May 18, 2007

I’ve been giving it some thought and I’m starting to realize how powerful a story can be used in a business setting. Or in a personal setting as well. I was talking to Maria the other day, and she gave me a good reference on the art of storytelling. It also led me to the book, “The Story Factor” to which I ended up buying. Wow- what a great book on this unknown art.

It seems that one can actually make it a decent living out of storytelling as well as seems to be the case with local professional storyteller, Ira Koretsky. I think I found him through Cynthia
Perhaps I should reconsider my current title of Chief Web Evangelist to Chief Story Evangelist? Or maybe, Chief Fairytale Evangelist? Hey- everyone loves to hear a happy ending, right?

Every business, especially entrepreneurs, have a story to tell. Through my services of web and blog design and consulting, I am able to help entrepreneurs use this form of medium to communicate their story to their customer base.

I must have known this for awhile since I told everyone at the beginning of this year that everyone you meet has a story to tell and I am made it a personal goal to learn more about the stories of others. Of course, this means that I’ll have to rebrand myself and my online image. Hmmm…ok, maybe not.

But at the least, I will certainly find ways to make my services to be more desirable by implementing the power of stories into my business brand.

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