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What are your top 3 pressing issues with blogs and podcasting?

December 27, 2006

My buddy, Leesa Barnes at Podonomics and Caprica Interactive Marketing, will be traveling from Toronto, Canada to London, England in the early spring. She’ll be holding a buzz marketing workshop that will teach attendees on how to use blogs and podcasting as a viable online marketing application tool.

Most of Leesa’s work is in podcasting consulting while her other partner, Claire “Blog Angel” Raikes, will share insights from the blogging side at the workshop.

As they are 3 months away from the actual 2 day workshop, they’d like to know what your biggest challenges with blogs and podcasting are. Is it the technological setup? Is it knowing how to actually market yourself once you are up and running? Do you just feel overwhelmed with all of the technology to begin with? Inquiring minds want to know. Feel free to comment with your angst and pains about these two great marketing application tools.

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