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My itinerary for NYE 2006. More Community building.

December 19, 2006

First, I’ll be arranging a dinner with a bunch of friends. Once we’re done feasting, we’ll be heading over to a friend’s home in Bethesda, Maryland for the Ultimate NYE Bash for 2006 [evite link]. It’s a party that is being co-sponsored by the Meetup 20s/30s group that I help co-organize on a monthly basis.

I had talked to some friends and I think people are really tired of spending hundreds of dollars to go out to some hotel or nightclub party and be disappointed. Carla, one of the hosts for the NYE Bash, recently told me that it’s not the event that really matters but who you are with that night. I agree. A community of friends is far more important than a lavish party with free flowing booze. Though, booze certainly never hurts.

However, this party will be the exception to that rule because it’s friends of friends coming. Everyone is going to know someone. Some have met through the 2 meetup group that are hosting it. The other is Carla’s 20s/30s Girl Meetup group. Both Meetup groups are very popular amongst the young professionals community in the DC area. So either you belong to 1 of the 2 groups, know the organizers [Carla, Tia, & Beth], or you are invited because you are a friend of a friend. Regardless, you can’t lose and no one should be alone that night. And that’s why this will be one of the best parties out there.

I easily expect a crowd of over 200 people in attendance. We’re already at 100 “yes” and two weeks still to go. Whether it’s a community of your church, family, or friends, community does matter. Everyone wants to belong and certainly no one wants to feel alone during New Year’s Eve.

If you spot an Asian guy taking photos of people “belonging” at the party, then that’s me. Be sure to say hi. Community building is alot of fun 🙂

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  1. Damn Dean, I was just looking at one of those $200 events. I’ll probably regret going, but I’ve got to try it as I’ve never done one before. Your party sounds like it’ll be fun.

  2. Damn Justin. How bout you just come with my friends to dinner. And in the spirit of community building, you can spend that money on us. And then we’ll show you how much we care for you 🙂

  3. Wow. Can I just say, as the one who actually lives in this “party house” – this is going to be a blast! Can’t wait to meet everyone.

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