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Nerd-like performance marketing and optimization. But without the social awkwardness

You're MORE than just keywords

Your business is more than the sum of the keywords most agencies bid on.

Bidding on keywords is no longer enough to succeed in an internet landscape dominated by paid search sharks.

To win over today's customers, you want an agency that can excel in lead conversion, not just lead generation.

We’re doing two things that many of today's Google advertising agencies aren't doing;

1 - High converting landing pages 

Your homepage, about page, or a search optimized city page just won’t do the job when it comes to converting cold traffic. 

We meticulously build high converting landing pages so you can attract more customers and at a lower cost. From the beginning of month one, we're saving you money so that more of the budget goes to attracting high quality customers.

2 - automations and more touchpoints

Got mediocre intake? Flaky prospects got you down? Unable to establish touchpoints with prospects because you're wearing too many hats?

We got you covered. Our outbound automation system is the solution to stay in front of the prospect, cover up any internal sales issues you have, and close the prospect when they’re ready.

We use a combination of silent voicemail drops, text messaging, and email sequences to establish and maintain contact until we convert the prospect into a lifetime customer for you.

And of course, we do all the usual “Google Adwords stuff” including:

  • A/B split testing
  • Creatives and adcopy
  • Monthly reporting
  • Keyword optimization
  • Google search and display ads

no junior level account managers here. Just us seniors.

Dean Hua - Digital Ad Strategist

With Dean, you get:

  • 10+ years in digital marketing, 
  • 6+ years in paid media advertising
  • 7 figures in paid media ad spend 

Companies that hire us are interested in:

  • A consultant with experience across the trifecta of paid media; Google Ads, Facebook, and Youtube. 
  • Data driven performance with a high tech, but high touch level of personal service
  • A 1 to 1 personal relationship with a consultant who has senior level paid search insight. Not junior level account managers with little marketing experience.