Meet The Google Ads Agency that will

Impress you with effective lead generation strategies and delight you with reliable client-agency communication.

Working with Dean and Sachi Studio for the first 3 months netted us $6 in revenue for every $1 spent on ads. My previous agency of 6 months came no where close to this.

-Tia Canterl

Meet the Google Ads Sprint Strategy

Discover our blueprint to driving more leads at a lower cost without going mad. Our blueprint is rooted on a strategy based on three core beliefs of performance marketing:


High converting landing pages can save the world

Homepages, contact pages, or an SEO page are the bane of high conversion rates. And we never use them for your campaigns.

Instead, we design high converting landing pages from the ground up adhering to best practices in conversion rate optimization.


Great Copywriting converts customers

Retread SEO copy applied to your landing pages don’t work. We’re big fans of copywriting experts like Joana Webe of Copyhackers and Donald Miller’s Storybrand.

Our conversion copywriting can mean the difference between a busy Monday that drowns you in new phone calls or spending the entire morning figuring out your lunchtime plans


Consistent communication

Two to three day response times is the norm for many agencies today, sadly. These experiences can keep you up at night wondering if you hired the right company.

We strive for same day response times and transparent reports that clearly focus on revenue metrics.

Our strong client support is like the Ambien for a restful good night. You'll never lose sleep wondering if you made the right choice in hiring us.

Just a smidgen of what we've done so far

500% Return on Ad spend

Austin Brewery Tours needed to increase ticket sales of their craft beer tours. They are now seeing 500% ROAS.

69% INCREASE in new appts

Things didn't work out with the previous agency that Dr. Price hired. And now, Healthpointe Wellness is seeing more appointments than ever before.

~30 new Calls/month

MVS Doctors needed to increase inbound calls for niche pain management treatments which conservatively generated several thousand dollars per patient. Our Google Ads campaign netted about 30 calls per month

More delicious revenue generating ingredients

Three more pillars to our 60-Day Sprint Strategy that you won't get at other agencies

Advanced Call Analytics

Get free advanced call tracking built into the first 60 days. You’ll get to see who called, from which marketing channel, and determine lead quality. There will be no confusion as to which lead came from where and their quality.

Negative Keyword Libraries

We have negative keyword libraries for many industries that we can apply from day one of a new campaign that can save you a lot on your adspend

Senior-level American Talent

Unlike many agencies, we don’t farm out our talent to cheaper overseas workers for the sake of fattening our profit while sacrificing on quality. Our talent is kept here in America allowing you to receive competent senior level support for your ad campaigns.

who we work with

  • Services businesses: Professional services and consultants 
  • Local businesses: Doctor's offices, home construction, legal, bricks and mortar, etc..
  • B2B: Manufacturing, wholesale, industrial, etc..

If your goal is to generate more phone calls or bookings, we can help.

Finding a Good Agency is tough

Dr. Raj didn't have success with his last two agencies. Both delivered very little in terms of results. But he finally found success with us.

About 20% of all new inbound calls are attributed to our Google advertising tactics leading to a 3 to 4x Return on Adspend.


How you'll feel, knowing you just hired a great performance marketing agency

Even other agencies trust us

Dennis has his own marketing agency with a heavy focus on SEO and web development. 

Many agencies similar to Dennis struggle to find marketers who can excel with Google Adwords and pay per click marketing.

We've helped several of his clients and delivered high performing PPC marketing. If other agencies trust us, so can you.

Meet the Intentionally Small PPC Agency

We're not big. And that's a good thing.

Big agencies suffer from red tape and sluggish customer support. Big agencies work on large volume, thus treating you like another number. Big agencies suffer from high client churn rate due to poor client support.

We’re intentionally small to avoid these issues.

You hire us if you want:

  • A small group of data-driven performance marketers whose brain you can pick
  • Senior-level experience with insights into how lead generation really works. You won't get junior level employees
  • Both high tech and high touch client relationship. A smaller team means people who will get back to you within a day rather than three

About Dean Hua

In my spare time, I love the outdoors, travelling, and trying to perfect a good medium-rare steak.

Professional accomplishments

  • 10+ years in digital marketing (since the days of Myspace)
  • 7+ years in paid media advertising
  • Managed more than 7 figures in career ad spend

Dean Hua - Principal

Do you qualify FOR THE SPRINT strategy?

Booking a strategic consult can help us determine if we're a good fit. The consult will discuss 3 things:

  • Your current lead generation goals and expectations
  • Our custom approach to lead gen
  • Pricing and deliverables

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