March 27, 2008

What Is The Dean’s List?

I’m about to publish the 2nd Annual Dean’s List. Some people ask what exactly is it and what’s the importance. I guess I never really did […]
March 27, 2008

The Dean’s List -2007

How long does it take to become somebody to someone? Do you have to spend several months of building a relationship before making an impact? Several […]
September 26, 2007

You Know You’re Hooked On Facebook When….

This is the current login message. But this is what it should really say; Why? Read on. You know Facebook is getting out of hand when […]
August 19, 2007

And What If A Drycleaner Did This. And Plumbers. And Others.

Yes- it’s true that it is a storage company. What right do they have of bringing up such a hot topic, critics say.Honestly, they don’t. But […]