June 18, 2009

What The Iranian Elections Can Teach Businesses About Social Media

I’ve been completely fascinated by what’s been occuring with Iran lately. I feel that we are witnessing history unfolding before us. I honestly believe the voices […]
June 15, 2009

Let Me Introduce You To My Client, Lynn Miller

Let me introduce you to Lynn Miller (twitter handle is @organicmania). She’s a client of mine. I picked her up a couple years ago. She needed […]
June 14, 2009

Can Social Media Help Your Business Contest

Given the existing economic conditions that many businesses are facing today, I’ve been wondering how social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogging can help […]
May 21, 2009

Restaurant’s Leaving Money On The Table

I was at The Taste of Wheaton event this past Sunday. As I walked around sampling the culinary delights, I couldn’t help but put on my […]