One Of The Nicest Things Someone Has Ever Said About Me

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March 17, 2007
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May 1, 2007
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One Of The Nicest Things Someone Has Ever Said About Me

After I had written the famous Dean’s List post, I got so many positive responses from it– publicly and privately.

There was one person who read my post and sent me a card that said the following;

“Some people have a gift and are able to see others clearly, and how things fit together. You are one of those. Others seem to have some kind of tunnel vision. Recognition and appreciation seems to be a forgotten art.”

I was touched. It was then and there that I started to realize that maybe I do have a gift for understanding people.

The recognition for my ability made me realize just how important it is to be in the people business. It’s not the web design business. It’s not the IT business. Nor is it about small business. It’s about the people business.

Learn the principles to succeed in the people business and you’ll do just fine in life.

Thanks Heidi for the reminder.

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